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PC Walking BridgePlatte City is a town rich in tradition and history, yet progressive in quality of life. Whether in town on business, visiting friends and relatives or relocating to the area you will find something for everyone.

During your visit enjoy the scenic parks, trails, seasonal attractions, conservation grounds, golf course and historic sites. Seasonal attractions begin with strawberries in the spring; peaches, grapes, blueberries and farm produce in the summer; fall decorations, pumpkins & apples in the fall and a Christmas Tree Farm in the winter.

Built on the bluffs of the Platte River, the Platte City area has many scenic roadways for the motorcycle, antique car or other outdoor enthusiasts. Plan a day trip to include a scenic drive, museum tour, lunch and biking/hiking trails.

Thank you for choosing Platte City as your destination! Let us know if we can be of assistance to you!

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Platte City is exactly the kind of community that Walgreens was looking for. There are great people within the community and surrounding areas that we are privileged to have as our customers.

Jason Buck, Store Manager
Walgreens Pharmacy